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Neighborhood Context: Property is bordered by Coldwater Road to the south and I-475 to the west. All buildings have been removed, leaving at-grade concrete foundations and other paved surfaces on the Property, which is zoned heavy industrial. Other portions of the Property are used for product storage and container management under a separate licensing agreement. 

 The licensee for the portion of this Property that is subject to this call for offers will have exclusive access through a 25-foot-wide private drive off Coldwater Road.

Prospective licensees are welcome to request a site visit to inspect the Property prior to submitting an offer. Please contact Steven Black at sblack@racertrust.org to schedule a site visit.

Environmental restrictions and requirements: Licensee must agree to the following conditions:

  1. Property cannot use land for residential purposes 
  2. Licensee must not install or use drinking water wells 
  3. Licensee must not occupy or utilize any structures currently on the Property
  4. If Licensee requires a structure or structures (for offices, security, storage, etc.), the structure or structures must be transported onto and off the Property by the Licensee and any occupied space must have a free flow of air between the occupied space and the ground surface (such as with a standard office trailer)
  5. Licensee must not install or use groundwater extraction wells 
  6. Licensee must not relocate contaminated soils 
  7. Licensee must not treat, store, or dispose of hazardous substances 
  8. Licensee must not disturb any impervious surfaces 
  9. Licensee must not construct or install subsurface utilities or structures without approval 
  10. Licensee must not disturb any groundwater monitoring wells 
  11. Licensee must grant access to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and RACER Trust